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Welcome, traveler, to Armada, a spaceport like no other! 

A setting supplement for both Pulka and Troika, Discordantopia presents a "Dystopian-punk Spelljammer" city that you can make your own!

Why should I back this?

Discordantopia's profits during Zine Month are ALL going to the production of the zine, whether that be AndyAnimates' amazing caricatures or Tony Dowler's awesome maps! In addition, regardless of how well the itchfunding does, I guarantee I finished product. There's no failure here, only succeeding BETTER!

What do I get by backing it early?

You will get WIP documents and access to my private discord server where you can get frequent progress updates (and potentially join in playtests from there)!

What is in Discordantopia?

Within this zine, on the player's side, will be eight Pulka/Troika compatible backgrounds, a brief player's guide with Cairn-esque player agendas/principles to ensure everyone is on the page in regards to the setting, and thought-provoking character creation questions to get everyone invested at the table.

On the GM's side, similar agendas/principles, a how-to on maneuvering through the book and utilizing it to its fullest, and a full guide on Armada, the city in which Discordantopia is set.

What sets apart Discordantopia from other setting books is its focus being specific but open. Think Electric Bastionland's implied setting, mixed with leading questions for the GM to fill in the blanks, as well as evocative yet concise descriptions for each location.

What are the funding goals?

Unless it’s already been met, please note that all of the goals below are subject to refinement/reorganizing, though the core should stay, barring exceptional circumstances.

Background Art x8 - $340 ($340 Total) - FUNDED!

NPC Portraits x5 - $266 ($606 Total) - FUNDED!

Wrap-Around Cover - $161 ($767 Total) - FUNDED!

Dungeon Pamphlet x2 - $150 ($917 Total) - FUNDED!

Fully Funded! - $1,000 Total - FUNDED!

Colored Backgrounds x8 - $114 ($1,031 Total) - FUNDED!

Editing - $360 ($1,391 Total) - FUNDED!

Printing - $609 ($2,000 Total)* - NEXT!

*: Just based on an instant quote I got from Mixam, could potentially start printing for less if I dip into my own funds or get outside support.

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Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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